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Meet Andrea Gullick, an inspirational speaker and mentor who spent her twenties creating her dream life only to find it shattered into pieces before turning 30. Her life journey, marked by multiple traumas, which she has bravely overcome through self-discovery and healing, is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of mental health awareness.

Andrea has made it her life mission to support others to adopt her late husband's perspective of 'Why worry about what you can't change' and go after a life they love no matter the curveballs! Harnessing her inner strength to work through mental illness not once, but twice, Andrea shares the power of using our innate wisdom to guide us to our greatest potential, both individually and collectively.

Andrea's message is one of hope and resilience. She believes that no matter what struggles one may face in life, they can overcome them with the right support and mindset. Her speeches are empowering, inspiring, and leave audiences feeling motivated to make positive changes in their lives.

With her own brand of straight-talking empathy and humour and her authentic and relatable approach to storytelling Andrea is a sought-after speaker and a beacon of hope for those who are struggling to find their way personally or professionally.

Andrea specifically focuses on~

  • Learning to grow through trauma and adversity

  • How to manage thoughts and emotions for better life outcomes

  • How to trust your instincts and follow your own guidance

  • How to strengthen personal and professional relationships

  • How to go after what you truly want

Image by Sime Basioli
I am writing to express sincere thanks to Andrea, everyone who attended had nothing but praise for your bravery, your dedication and your advice.

Mark Bailey

Goulburn Murray Water

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