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Inspirational Speaking

Andrea first experienced trauma in 2003 after her 2-day-old son was diagnosed with a malignant tumour. Following his recovery, she lost her husband in a devastating car accident.


Harnessing her inner strength to work through mental illness not once, but twice, Andrea shares the power of using our innate wisdom to guide us to our greatest potential, both individually and collectively.


With her own brand of straight-talking empathy and humour, Andrea will guide  you on how to know yourself beyond your experience and leave you feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Andrea specifically focuses on~

  • Learning to grow through trauma and adversity

  • How to manage thoughts and emotions for better life outcomes

  • How to trust your instincts and follow your own guidance

  • The SHH Model approach to personal freedom and success

  • How to strengthen personal and professional relationships




I am writing to express sincere thanks everyone who attended had nothing but praise for your bravery, your dedication and your advice.

Mark Bailey

Goulburn Murray Water

For The Workplace

ROR (Return on Relationship)~ when people feel seen, heard and understood they are more likely to make efficient and effective decisions, communicate and connect on a deeper level, which in turn increases productivity, honesty and staff retention.

Happy Woman
Business Presentation

For The Next Generation

ROR (Return on Relationship)~ when young people learn to value, understand and empower themselves they can seperate their identity from what they do or do not achieve. They become confident decision makers who embody resilience and determination by connecting with themselves, others and their life's path in a more meaningful way.

High School Friends
Image by Brooke Cagle

Sharon Salzberg

"Resilience is based on compassion for ourselves as well as for others."

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