Andrea Gullick~ Courage Coach & Speaker

Supporting people who are in the midst of an ‘Identity Crisis’ to

embrace their true magnificence and BE all they desire to be.

(Inner Freedom 101 right??!!)

So you secretly want MORE from your life




You’ve tried to convince yourself that things are OK




you’ve never felt more lost and alone.


First things first, you are not alone!!

A lot of people experience this type of disconnection and despondency,

Just not too many talk about it!!


That’s why I’m here to guide you on how to accept what you are feeling,

trust in yourself and courageously 

begin to transform your life.




It is Ok to want more peace, more freedom, more choice

and I’m here to help you create it!

We will be the perfect fit if you are~

  • Ready to take a gentle, inner journey
  • Ready to shift out of your head and into your heart 
  • Wanting some clear direction and a future plan 
  • Needing more joy and excitement in your life
  • Wanting the freedom to be who you truly are

You may also like my style if you are~

  • Open to holistic modalities of support
  • Prefer a gentle journey with a trusted confidante
  • Ready for open and honest guidance
  • Need accountability and loving reassurance
  • Happy to dig deep for the answers you hold within

Free To Be Me 1:1 Guidance

“To live with courage, purpose and connection- to be the person we long to be- we must again be vulnerable. We must… show up and let ourselves be seen” – Brene Browne.”


Inspirational Speaking

No-one moved, they were captured by your gentleness, your strength and your wisdom”- Celena Ross.