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Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Supporting you and your team to become comfortable in your own skin.

Offering personal mentorship, speaking engagements and team workshops to harness the power of your own wisdom and activate your highest potential, both individually and collectively.


My name is Andrea Gullick

I am a lover of life and a believer in hope. Life doesn't always go to plan but we have the ability to reclaim authority over the path we find ourselves on.

The most vital wisdom we could ever engage is our own. Do you know how to listen and follow the nudges you are gifted with?

Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin is all about trusting in your own innate wisdom and learning to follow it.

What if just being you was the antidote to your stress and overwhelm? What if there is more to you than you realise? What if you are the answer you've been looking for?

Exciting prospect isn't it!!


    My Services

    Allowing you the space to be seen, heard and understood as you traverse through this lifetime.
    Whether from the stage, or right in front of you on Zoom, you will experience the sanctuary of becoming radically honest with what makes you, you and how to enjoy the freedom to become all that you are. 

    If you are looking for a Raa Raa, goal focused, accountability session I will not be for you. I am not focused on what you are here to do or achieve unless it is first grounded in who you are here to BE. What if resilience was  directly connected to how willing we are to seperate who we are from what we experience?

    If you are willing to be challenged in asking yourself the hard questions, feel ready to see your absolute magnificence and need someone to support you in connecting the dots from past to present to the future you, then I am absolutely FOR you!!



    Curious about anything? 

    Feel free to drop me a line!

    Together is better.

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