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What Am I Here For...

I have become accustomed to hearing 'I never speak about this to anyone' from trusted friends, complete strangers and almost every client I've ever worked with. I seem to be the guardian of secrets, that safe place to fall, the listener they've never had.

I'm not sure if it's my lack of judgement, my complete belief in you, or my own life experiences that have inspired such a deep resonance between myself and others, but it is ABSOLUTELY what I'm here for. Don't be alarmed, it's an important aspect of BEING all that you are to wander into the places and spaces you've tried to cover up or shy away from. It's the key to your liberation and absolute salvation.

So how did I become me and why do I believe in you, whoever you are, so much?

I've seen the worst of things in a lot of ways. After nursing my first-born through Cancer in 2003 and then welcoming another beautiful son in 2006, I became widowed 8 months later.. Despite these heart-breaking encounters I believe we can extract something magical from the mayhem.

In 2010, I remarried my second Andrew (yes my first husband's name was Andrew also!) and in 2012 we welcomed our baby girl into our family. We have built a life encompassing a deep desire to live, love and connect with what it is to be us, the struggle, the despair, the joy and the ecstasy. 

I have learned we are not what we do, what we have or what we have experienced, we are SO much more than that. Most people have never paused long enough to even consider what is the highest potential they are here to experience just by being them!

Are you ready to become COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN and live from the absolute essence of your truest self?

It is such a wild ride!!

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