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My Story

I have witnessed the darkest corners of life in various ways. In 2003, I supported my first-born through a battle with cancer, only to experience the profound loss of my first husband just eight months after welcoming our second beautiful son in 2006.

Despite the heartbreak, these encounters have taught me that even amidst chaos, something magical can be extracted. In 2010, I found love again and remarried another Andrew (yes, my first husband's name was Andrew too!).


Our family grew when we welcomed our baby girl in 2012. Together, we have cultivated a life rooted in a deep yearning to live, love, and connect with our true selves – embracing both the struggles and the joys, the despair and the ecstasy.

I have battled mental illness not once, but twice and have an acute understanding of the difficulty  people face in regards to healing and overcoming hardship.


Through my journey, I have learned that our identity extends far beyond what we do, what we possess, or what we have endured. We are so much more than our external circumstances. Sadly, most people never pause long enough to contemplate the life they could live, simply by uncovering their untapped potential.

As a Mentor & Speaker I embrace the role of a guardian for your innermost thoughts, a safe haven where you can freely express yourself without fear of judgment. Throughout my journey, I have become the trusted confidant for friends, strangers, and countless clients who have entrusted me with their untold stories.


What sets me apart?

Perhaps it's my unwavering belief in the power of human connection, or my own life experiences that have shaped my understanding and empathy.


I've encountered numerous individuals who have whispered, "I never speak about this to anyone," and it is precisely this trust that fuels my passion. Don't be alarmed if we delve into the depths of your hidden places; it is an essential step towards embracing your true self and finding liberation and salvation.

Join with me as we explore the uncharted territories of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and personal growth. Together, we will navigate the maze of life, celebrating the highs, overcoming the lows, and discovering the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Get ready to unleash the magic within you!

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