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I create a journey together where you feel confident to wander into all of the spaces and places you may not have seen before, to embrace all that it is to be YOU through unlocking your highest potential! This is a journey not to be the best there is but to be the best you there is. 

SHH... Principles

Free Yoga


The nudges you feel, the answers you seek, the whispers of your soul are all within you. All it takes is a willingness to listen and follow the direction you are being called to.

Heart Shape Cookie Cutter


Clearing the emotion attached to the version of you that no longer serves you and learning what true UN-CONDITIONAL love is, for yourself, others and your big picture.

Sitting on a Van


Only once you know what is truly for you, once you have accepted the highest version of yourself can you then get your head in the game. The head must follow the heart, which is guided by your soul.




3 Month Journey

This is a sacred journey that will unfold in a way that brings you closer to your own knowing, to the answers you are searching for and a clearer picture of the action you need to take to get you there... Wherever there is for you!

. There is no formula, no 'you must do this' or stringent rules to follow, there is you and me and radical honesty!

We do follow the principles of the SHH model reflecting the importance of mindfulness and taking time to tune into the Soul, listen to your Heart before using your Head to take action.

12 Weeks

60-90min Zoom Call p.w

All potential clients must first book a clarity call to ensure we are the right fit for a journey together.

You Will Love This Journey If~


You are looking for a safe and compassionate sharing space

You want inner peace by becoming radically honest

You are investing primarily in who you are 

You are willing to be accountable for how you feel


You are open to inner child work


You know there is more than just your human experience

You are comfortable with terms such as heart, soul, universal energy, divinity

You are not offended by the odd swear (cuss) word!

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