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 RETURN TO INNOCENCE retreats offer you the gift of  tapping into the power of deep connection with yourself, others, nature, and your superconscious to experience the magic beyond the mundane.

Return To Innocence Retreats 

Wander into all possibility in one of these beautiful destinations.


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Image by Denys Nevozhai

Gain A Higher Perspective

Life can often feel hectic as we navigate all the things we need to do, just to get through our day. Have you ever stopped and found yourself yearning to get away and catch your breath?

Are you truly, madly, deeply there, in your life, experiencing the wonder and awe of it all? Or are you fixated on what isn't working, what isn't easy, what sucks the life right out of your soul?

It gets to be different and you get to create a life you love.


Return To Innocence Retreats


Take this opportunity to see yourself, your life and your experiences with more clarity than you could ever imagine. Allow yourself to gain insights from your intuition and access pearls of wisdom on how to reclaim your power and begin creating a life you would love to live. 

Surrounded by the beauty of nature and the simplicity of deep connection, let the pressures of life melt away as you allow yourself to reacquaint yourself with the joy of self, others, nature and your genius creative spirit. 

Whether you are seeking to change the course of your life or just needing to refresh and reset, you will leave this experience deeply and undoubtedly changed and ready to take life on.


In No Sense


 Lead --> Gold

Mayhem--> Magic

Control--> Curiosity

Tap into your highest consciousness and CREATE what you love.

Meet Your Hostess

Andrea is a mentor, speaker, and retreat facilitator who can help you tap into your innate wisdom and power. With her guidance, you can learn to lean into your superconscious, stay curious, and discover what truly excites you. She can help you move beyond obstacles and refocus your energy on creating what you love. Reconnect with your true essence and share your unique gifts with the world.


The April retreat hosted by Andrea Gullick was just what I needed to take time out for myself and focus on creating some magic in my life. With gentle encouragement from Andrea and positive group discussion sessions I was set free from the limiting beliefs of my ego to truly focus on what I wanted to create in my life - purely to bring me joy. I didn’t want the day to end as I gazed at the beautiful lake during the final yoga session and allowed myself to start dreaming of the person I am destined to be and the life I can create for myself. 


Attending the creative development retreat was a transformative experience. The serene setting, expert guidance of Andrea, along with the nurturing atmosphere allowed me to deepen and explore sessions during the day that left me feeling re-centered and more connected to myself. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone seeking inner peace, relaxation, and personal growth


Wow, what an amazing day of learning, sharing and enjoying time with relaxing yoga included. Thank-you Andrea for sharing your gifts, talent and tools with me to embrace the wonderful spiritual person that I am. I can't wait for the next one.
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