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The Connected Leader- Cultivating Self Awareness For Effective Leadership is a transformative leadership program that helps individuals cultivate their self-awareness and develop effective leadership skills that align with their personal and company values and vision.

This program is designed to equip leaders with the tools they need to create meaningful connections within their teams, foster a positive organisational culture, and achieve their strategic goals.

Through an interactive workshop, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and group discussions, participants in The Connected Leader program will engage in a dynamic and interactive learning experience that combines practical exercises, self-reflective opportunities, and insightful discussions.

Participants will foster the self-awareness necessary for effective leadership, explore their 

own personal identity and leadership style, and learn how to build and maintain strong, effective relationships with colleagues, employees, and stakeholders.

By completing The Connected Leader program, participants will emerge with a deeper understanding of themselves and their teams, and the skills necessary to inspire and motivate others towards achieving the company's vision. Whether participants are seasoned executives or emerging leaders, this program provides valuable insights and strategies that can be applied immediately to drive success and positive change within their organisations.

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With Andrea’s professional guidance, we explored how to build a strong team culture, whilst developing our business Mission and Vision Statements and Core Values. I would highly recommend Andrea to any business or individual looking to enhance their personal strengths whilst building team culture, morale and excellence.

Claire Green- Director

Enginuity Power Solutions