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Gene Keys Immersion Day

Unlocking Your Highest Potential Held Within Your DNA

Taking you on a journey into the depths of your own knowing, unlocking your unique genius and guiding you to your highest potential! This day is for you to embrace all you are here to be and embody the confidence to share your gifts with the world.

Saturday 15th Oct 2022
Numurkah Location
(address provided via confirmation email)

The Power of Gene Keys

Each one of us has specific DNA coding. Locked within these codes lies the answer to what your highest individual potential is. As you immerse in and contemplate your profile you will begin to release yourself from the shadows that hold you back and truly embrace the gift it is to be you! 

The GENIUS sequence comprises of your

Life's Work- Uncovering exactly who you are here to be

Evolution- Learning the reoccurring pattern that undermines your potential 

Radiance- How best to increase your vitality; physically, mentally and emotionally

Purpose- Understanding the purpose of your life's encounters

The Peace of Gene Keys

Do you just want the freedom to be who you are, to find peace within yourself and experience a life that is true to your innate wisdom? Your Gene Keys profile is a beautiful step in finding not only your inner peace and contentment but excitement and wonder as well.

Allow yourself to shut out the noise of the outside world even just for one day. Let go of the expectations, obligations, the shoulds and the musts and just let your soul guide you on all that you are here to be.

As you move closer to you, as you see all of your nuances and inner wisdom, watch as the ripple effect takes hold in every other relationship and experience you are here to have, just by you becoming comfortable in your own skin!


Gene Keys Immersion Day 



  • Free Gene Keys Profile

  • Learning Materials

  • 6hr Immersion

  • Exquisite Grazing Table

  • Tranquil Garden Setting

  • Love, Encouragement & Guidance


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