“We are really just blobs of energy Mum.”

Nothing tickles my curiosity more than a 15 years old pondering the MORE in life. The more, being the non-tangible, the non-physical, the non-logical for some. I started realising some time ago that so much of what transpires in our lives is from the result of our energy, from what we focus on and what we’re emitting from our individual nucleus of energy.

That’s not to say if you focus on the winning combination of tattslotto numbers that they’ll emerge in a secret message in the sky. While I’ve managed to manifest amazing experiences and situations, I absolutely stand by this one truth-

You will NEVER manifest something you don’t believe you can, or deserve to have, happen.

We can sit for years visualising and meditating on a thing/situation/experience but it will all be futile if underneath it all you don’t believe you matter enough to have it, receive it, or achieve it. 

Energetically knowing we matter, that in our very own special way we are magnificent, will impact our emotional and spiritual well being. Just knowing we matter changes our energetic state, PROFOUNDLY. It changes what transpires, how we manage life, and what we can and can’t call into our life.

Knowing we matter beyond any other thing untangles the web of doing life in a particular way to prove it. We shift from needing certain outcomes to wanting them and allows us to release the tension of control. In a generation that is suffering from significant burnout, it stands to reason that doing more is not exactly the answer.

There will never be enough pay rises, fast cars, designer dresses, ballet concerts or empty wine bottles to sate a weary soul suffering from ‘not-enoughness.’ It seems too simple of an answer, doesn’t it? What if we realise we are enough without doing anything and just allow ourselves to be, that we may very well attract more?

It just depends on what more you are after!! More peace, more freedom, more acceptance, more joy! 

Yet what if it really was that simple? What if allowing ourselves to just be… to already be enough, to already know we matter, and that quite literally nothing changes that truth? What if our enoughness was not intrinsically related to whether we have a tidy home, perfect children, a fab job, a doting husband/wife, perfect bodies or degrees in engineering?  

What if what matters most is the way we feel in the life we are creating? What if it is how we feel in our relationships, our careers, our friendships in our life that matters beyond all else? What if our internal peace is what directs our external experiences and we have the power to shift our energy to attract more by doing less?

The best thing about realising you already matter… you get to experience a shit ton more fun in your life!! Why? Well, you simply stop living by the invisible rules of enoughness. You start showing up as you and you decide what and how you go about your days… sure sounds fun to me!! 

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