I was guilty of living for MANY years, without addressing, or even realising that I had a choice in where my life took me. To be honest, I didn’t even recognise that this was a task I had to personally undertake!! Until real tragedy struck, I was in a loop of thinking that life just happened and I had no control over it.

I was for the most part, a glass half empty girl. I continually fretted about all the shit that could go wrong, agonised over why people didn’t like me, berated myself for all that I was not, yet from the outside I almost certainly looked like a confident, quick-witted, light-hearted lass.

Wearing a mask, playing our part, being who we think we should be not who we truly are, is such a common dilemma. Millions, if not billions of people are living their life in this way now. I think if we were really honest, we could all recognise some of these traits within ourselves.

How often do we act one way with those around us, while silently feeling very different on the inside? We sell out on our truth for the security of acceptance and yet is there really any safety in self-deception?

Throughout the journey, I’ve discovered 5 very important phases we need to focus on to bring about serious life transformation. Crucial growth points that allow for the freedom to live our life in congruence with our hearts and step towards our higher calling.






Awareness- This is the KEY to unlocking your healing process. You can not move through, transform, or change your situations, feelings, or the meaning you make if you are not aware of what is going on. Much of what causes our dysfunction lies below the surface. You have to commit to opening up and sinking a little deeper into your personal belief systems and become aware of how conducive they are to your overall happiness.

Acceptance- This is the ultimate healer! Once you are aware of your experiences, thoughts, emotions, and the meaning you have made, the process of healing it, easing it, embodying it, will require you to accept some part of it. Whether it is accepting some part of yourself or an aspect of your journey, taking back your power lies in your ability to allow things to be without resisting them. This does not equate to liking or agreeing with the things you have experienced but simply not allowing them to control your future outcomes.

Alignment- To stay in a state of transformation and growth and create a life that is built around YOUR dreams, goals and aspirations it is important that you align with what is true in your heart. So often we can be blown off course by the opinions, expectations and obligations of our external world. Alignment is a deep inner knowing what is right for US and learning to follow that.

Action- There can be no transformation without ACTION. Knowing who you are and where you want your life to go is 100% determined by the action you are willing to take to get there. Sometimes an action can be as gentle as getting a massage to relieve your stress, sometimes it is creating a boundary with a loved one, other times it is taking a massive leap outside of your comfort zone. Regardless, the action is required to change an outcome.

Accountability- Transforming our life, moving through the hardest of the hard, lifting the veils on some of our bullshit stories, can take serious commitment. The effort it takes to keep going, to dig deeper, to work harder, to dream larger, and achieve what our heart desires, can become exhausting. It can be easy to stop doing the simple, soul-nourishing things we need to do to keep moving in the right direction. Ensuring we have someone or something to keep us accountable can be the difference between the life we want or the life we settle for!

Each phase is so crucial in changing our outcomes and we can move in and out of each of them. Life offers us a range of experiences and each one has the opportunity to offer growth and expansion or stagnation and contraction. Life is about LEARNING and there is no joy in reaching a final destination if we haven’t enjoyed the journey!

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