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One with Nature

Return To Innocence

Alright, listen up! We're about to go on a wild ride together and unlock your true potential by discovering the magic within. We'll kick limitations to the curb and create a life that's beyond your wildest dreams So, buckle up and let's get this started!

Friday 22nd- Monday 25th March 2024
Image by Nitish Meena

Gain A Higher Perspective

Life can often feel hectic as we navigate all the things we need to do, just to get through our day. Have you ever stopped and found yourself yearning to get away and catch your breath?

But how?

Who will pick up all the slack?

Who will nurture and nourish and take care of all the things?

Who will keep things ticking over if you're not there?

But are you there? Are you truly, madly, deeply there, in your life, experiencing the wonder and awe of it all? Or are you fixated on what isn't working, what isn't easy, what sucks the life right out of your soul?

Return To Innocence

is a 3 day journey to unravel all that keeps you bound.

Allow yourself to gain insights from your intuition and access pearls of wisdom on how to reclaim your power and begin creating a life you love to live. 

Each one of us has specific and magnificent gifts to share. Many of those treasures lay hidden within your DNA, awaiting you to unlock them and remember WHO you are truly here to be.

Surrounded by the enchanting mountain ranges of Mansfield, Victoria, let the pressures of life melt away as you allow yourself to deeply connect with yourself, others, nature and your genius creative spirit. 

Whether you are seeking to change the course of your life or just needing to refresh and reset, you will leave this experience deeply and undoubtedly changed and ready to take life on.

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Contemplate your

Gene Keys Profile

Delve into the pathway of your Genius sequence. Shine a light on your shadows and allow your new awareness to dissolve the potency and hold they have on your life. Let your gifts be revealed as you begin to live from your highest potential.

Apply principles of

Natural Success

Uncover the power of your super-conscious by discovering the depth of your beliefs and dysfunctional patterns. Step into a whole new way of creating your reality by returning to INNOCENCE (in-no-sense) to activate your creative genius while dialling down your unconscious trip wires.

Wheat field

Enjoy time to


Keep your Intuition engaged through the art of journal. Allow all that is bubbling to the surface to flow with ease and grace as you begin to tune in to the murmurs of your soul and let your innate wisdom begin to guide your path.

Enjoy delicious


Enjoy a delicious yet simple menu to stay saited as you let your heart and soul wander into the depths of new awakenings and uncoverings. 

Image by Ales Maze

Immerse in the beauty of


Immerse yourself in the beautiful natural surroundings. Escape into the wilderness to relax and rejuvenate, contemplate or concentrate or to just simply connect your heart with Mother Earth.

Lean into the comfort of


Allow yourself to be held in a safe space, to connect, to share and to honour your journey. As you begin to strip the layers of the false self away, feel the depth of oneness with those walking the path with you.  

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Learn how to embrace


Fully step in and celebrate all that you are, the power to create and the freedom to be more than you ever imagined. It's time to play with life, to find joy, to become passionate and devoted to CREATING more of what you do want!


  • Free Gene Keys profile

  • All learning materials

  • 3 nights accommodation

  • Nutritious meals
    (Dinner Fri, Sat, Sun/Breakfast Sat, Sun, Mon/Lunch Sat, Sun. Plus light snacks)

  • Tranquil nature surrounds

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