Having a safe space to open up and express ourselves without the worry of feeling judged or criticised is often a powerful antidote for making life-changing decisions. 

Free To Be Me provides you with that opportunity and allows you to really delve into the truth of who YOU are and what you most want from your life.


If you deeply desire more clarity, inner connection and a powerful action plan to transform your life, then this will be the perfect journey.


was designed to support you with these challenges:

~ Lacking enjoyment and fulfilment from your life and relationships

~ Not sure where to start to reclaim your vibrant, happy self

~ Consumed by guilt for wanting something different

~ Feeling frustrated and trapped by your life situation

~ Battling overwhelm, anxiousness and life despondency


Through our work together you will:


~ Gain awareness of WHO you truly are

~ Learn how to self-regulate and calm your emotions

Shift from thinking to feeling your way in life

~ Gain the self-confidence you need to make impactful decisions

~  Own your true magnificence 


How to gauge if ‘Free To Be Me’ is a good fit for you: 

~ You accept that making time to ‘process’ will speed up your progress

~  You are willing to make decisions and take action even if it is uncomfortable
~ You are ready to put your own needs first
~ You are open to holistic practices to shift energy and support your emotions

~ You are 100% ready to invest in yourself

Investment Includes: 

6 1:1 Weekly Sessions (60-90min)

1 Bonus Follow-up Session (1 month after weekly sessions)

Access to unlimited support 


$1695 AUD


When I first reached out to you I felt worthless, lacked self-belief and self-confidence, I was stressed, anxious, I felt like I was not good enough, a failure and lost. 

Today – I have so much more self-confidence, self-belief, I’m happier, more aware of my emotions and why I feel a certain way, I have regained direction and purpose and am living my life as opposed to just existing.


Andrea was recommended to me by a friend. I was at a bit of a crossroads in life and needed some guidance to make some big decisions. Andrea is an intuitive coach who was able to accurately read my moods and encourage me to grab at life with both hands. Andrea taught me how to claim back happiness for myself and put this journey called life back into perspective. I feel empowered and can trust myself again to make the right decisions. I am important!!


I loved the journey I took with Andrea. She helped me see some of the thoughts and feelings that were keeping me from trusting my own judgement. Since our time together I have learned how to settle myself when I’m anxious and spending too much time in my thoughts. I am also grateful for the way Andrea connects how I am feeling about myself because of past experiences. There is so much of what happens now that I didn’t realise was connected to when I was younger. Working with her is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


I was recommended to Andrea through a friend, my sessions with her has been a game-changer. I have so much love and respect for her and her work. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you, Andrea! XO


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