Andrea Gullick, a former Goulburn Valley girl, now living on the Sunshine Coast is getting set to take you on a journey of

‘Owning Your Magnificence!’

Life doesn’t always play out as we expect… if Covid has taught us anything, it is that! And sometimes we need a little more than a poker face to get us through.

Dropping the veil on ‘fake it till you make it’ Andrea opens up on life, love, trauma, mental health and everything in between.

Using her experiences of overcoming multiple traumas while maintaining an insatiable appetite for living and loving life, Andrea is set to guide her audience through the overwhelm and confusion that life offers up at times.

With her down-to-earth and humorous delivery, Andrea sprinkles the magic of magnificence into every heart that hears her message. She will leave you feeling more encouraged and energised to BE who you are and show up to life in ways you never imagined.

She knows regardless of where you are today, you can open up to the opportunity of MORE tomorrow.

So if you are ready for more fun, more joy, more peace and more freedom then she’s on a mission to help you find it.

Looking forward to seeing you there.




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