~About Me~

I am a Mother, Widow, Wife, Courage Coach & Speaker.
I am here to CREATE a difference in the lives of those ready to recreate their life and put heartbreak and overwhelm behind them. 

What happens when life does not go to plan? When you wake up one day and your fairy-tale ending has been shattered into pieces? Growing up, all I wanted was to get married and start a family. It was my greatest aspiration really, there was no travel or extraordinary career paths. Just a simple dream of family life on a farm.


I have a knack of manifesting what I want in life and in 2002, I married my farmer!! But after nursing our firstborn through cancer and then becoming widowed 3 years later, I guess you could say I learned that the level of heartbreak one can experience is unfathomable.


Yet, I have taken my trials and allowed them to shape me into the best version of myself. I promised myself a long time ago to never die wondering ‘what if?’ So while life has a way of demonstrating just how short it can be, it also has the potential to gift us its pure magnificence if we stay open to receiving it. 


‘YOU are responsible for your own happiness,’ was the message that was divinely delivered when I was in the depths of despair and is the core message I now share with the world.


I know that not all the answers are within your grasp instantly, I know that life can throw you curve balls you never asked for, but what I also know, is that with the right love and safety your answers will always be found. I know you can choose to make life whatever you want it to be regardless of your circumstances and that starts with choosing YOU.


With a depth of awareness and sensibility, I guide clients and audiences alike to the truth found within their own heart. I encourage people around the globe to trust in who they are by listening to their own inner guidance. Transformation starts with believing it’s possible before you know it is.


Turning my life around and choosing to see the magnificence in the mayhem has given me amazing insight into what it is to lose your identity. The beauty that can be uncovered, however, is a gift I share with each and every person I encounter. I know YOU have to start living a life that feels exciting, joyful and totally unlimited to you.

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