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Return To Innocence 

6 Day Fiji Immersion

Connect to the power of your inner guidance and infinite wisdom.

Is it time for you to really get back to basics? To strip away everything that keeps you from your greatest source of wisdom?

 At 'Return To Innocence' immersions the power of reconnection is rewarded through a deeply nurtured relationship to self, others, nature and your intuition.

Nestled in the lush surrounds of Kioa Island, Fiji, there is no better way to connect to the beauty and simplicity of connection through the combination of creative development work and being immersed in traditional village life. 

A Little About Me

My name is Andrea Gullick

I have journeyed down many a path in life. From hairdressing, to teaching to finally landing most at home guiding others to their highest truth through mentoring, speaking and 'Return to Innocence' immersions.

Returning to innocence is a combination of drawing in our childlike joy and curiosity, while confidently tuning in to our creative source of intuition and inspiration before taking powerful action towards that which we most desire!

Over the past 5 years I have repelled and rebelled against being told what to do. I have a keen sense on how I see life, relationships and careers being created and I have become radically honest with what really matters to me. I am here to help you curate a life built on the truth of deep connection to your own infinite wisdom and living life on your terms.

I have created an immersion space, where you can embark on a journey of self-exploration like never before. As a survivor of multiple traumas and an expert in inner child work, I will guide you to reopen the parts of yourself that you learned to close down and breathe life into your most exciting opportunities.


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